Home Restoration Richmond Hill & Savannah, GA

Need to Update an Antique Home?

Consult with a historic home restoration company in Richmond Hill and Savannah, GA

Older homes need extra tender loving care when it comes to remodeling. Southern Home Solutions specializes in historic home restoration work in Richmond Hill and Savannah, GA, and the surrounding area. You can count on our team to preserve the authenticity of your home while improving its comfort and appearance.

Give your home the benefit of modern home restoration technology without losing any of its charm. Schedule historic home restoration services today by calling 912-445-0118.

Take care of your historic home by arranging for renovation services

Turn to Southern Home Solutions to preserve, repair and renovate your historic home. Renovation work can include:

  • Finding replacement materials that match the original
  • Removing added elements that don't fit the period
  • Refreshing colors and repairing historical details

Make sure your home is up to code and historically accurate by choosing Southern Home Solutions. Talk to a contractor in Richmond Hill and Savannah, Georgia right away to start planning your historic home renovation project.